Realay Helps Buyers & Sellers Connect With Elite Agents Across North America

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Why Realay?

Realay was founded to bring transparency and trust to out-of-service area real estate referrals
  • Tracking of progression and status
  • Dashboard to monitor multiple referrals and performance
  • Agent Choice: Your agent or our match. You choose.
  • Broker-agnostic: Any agent, any brokerage.
  • Save time tracking down a quality agent outside your market, we've done this for you!

Wanna Get Referrals?

Get More Qualified Referrals - Realay Real Estate Agent Referral Platform

To get referrals you need to be a Realay Network Agent, and you need to meet a few important criteria:
  • Active Real Estate License
  • Live onboarding interview with Realay Ops Team
  • Positive feedback and evaluations
  • Responsiveness and professionalism
  • Admin/Ops support

Making Referrals

Making Referrals - Realay Real Estate Agent Referral Platform

To make a referral on Realay, all you need to do is register. There’s no fee.
  1. You will always receive your 25% referral fee. This is a condition all Realay Network Agents contractually agree to.
There are only a few requirements to be met:
  1. Active Real Estate License
  2. Connect your broker to Realay.

Manage Your Team

Realay - Real Estate Agent Referral Platform

All agent relationships are set up through their brokers, for the purpose of agreements and payments

We invite brokers and/or agent Teams to join us so that their agents are able to make and receive referrals through Realay. The low one-time onboarding fee is the same for agents, brokerages or teams.