About Realay

Realay is a cutting-edge SaaS platform developed by Kaibo LLC, a Michigan-based company established in January 2023. Our flagship product, the Realay platform, was launched in November of the same year with the mission to revolutionize the way referrals are made and how buyers and sellers connect with agents and brokers.

Gone are the days of cumbersome fax forms, delayed text messages, and trolling Facebook groups to find agents. The Realay platform replaces these archaic methods with a streamlined and efficient process that brings transparency and trackability to the referral process in the real estate industry.

Our platform provides a standard and broker-agnostic approach, allowing agents and clients to seamlessly connect with each other anywhere in North America. We ensure that every client is matched with the best possible agent, and our dashboard eliminates the frustrations of referrals falling into a black hole. 

At Realay we firmly believe that the real estate referral process can be enhanced by facilitating easier and more efficient connections between agents. By providing total transparency and trackability, we aim to create a dynamic, responsive, and client-centered experience for all parties involved.

Together, let’s transform the real estate industry and create a new era of seamless connections and exceptional client services. 



At Realay, our mission is to simplify the process of connecting buyers and sellers with agents across North America. We do this by automating the communication and tracking of referrals through a user-friendly SaaS platform. Our aim is to become the industry standard that brokers use to enhance operational efficiency and profitability, while also bringing value to our investors and the communities we serve.

Why Choose

Realay is the premier broker agnostic nationwide replacement for faxing/emailing referral agreements back & forth with each agent you want to exchange client referrals with and forget to follow up with for status updates and commission sharing.

We aim to replace locked down, exclusive relocation specialists and private client referral networks with a simple process for sending any client to the right agent to meet their needs wherever they’re looking to buy, sell or both.

Gone are the days of wondering who you’ve sent out, what the status is or if you’ll receive the agreed-upon commission split for providing the opportunity, just send a referral with Realay and get notified as your referral goes through the process.

Real Opportunities

Not every top performing agent in their market has access to a national pipeline of vetted quality opportunities from other agents without paying a premium upfront to join and participate.

Realay not only opens you up to a network of agents sending referrals everyday we’re also partnered with the top brands, teams, networks, coaches and property search providers to give every team live access to a thriving, active community of agents and teams providing agent to agent and direct client opportunities with intelligent, thorough vetting and qualification.

No Monthly Fees

Simply sign our standard haggle-free agreement to share 25% of your commission with the originating agent and 5% with Realay on received referrals.

PLUS receive 25% of the commission for referrals you send out upon closing.

We only ask that you are authorized to sign for your brokerage, the broker in-charge or someone they authorize signs the agreement and you can start sending and receiving.

Brokerage Agnostic

Locked into an internal relocation specialist system?

No worries! We’re partnered with top national brokerages like KW, eXp and others to provide compatible, compliant internal network/brokerage referral matching.

You can keep your referrals inside your network, send privately to an agent you know and trust or leverage top affiliate networks like team 2 team, breakthrough brokers, fast forward, townsites and others.

Having consulted with the top coaches, influencers and the largest teams in the industry we’ve tailored our platform to work with any brokerage.