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Coach Bill Pipes & G3 Nation

"With over 100,000 coaching sessions and 50,000+ hours of consulting, he is the most experienced real estate coach in the world. Bill's extensive coaching and training experience includes 15 years with Mike Ferry, 5 years at Keller Williams MAPS, coach and trainer for Everest Realty in Salt Lake City, and 9 years with Tom Ferry. As a speaker, he has led over 580 sales seminars with 400,000+ combined attendees. Through all of this and with the help of great mentors, he has learned the key strategies for driving productivity, scaling profitability, effective operations, transferring skills to sales teams, and building a protective culture. Bill will help your team master the language of influence, improve their presentation skills, refine their closing strategies, and enhance their persuasion techniques."


TownSites helps agents expand their reach and impact in their local community by building your own personal website that’s different than the one your brokerage gave you. It uses automation to build your local influence and get you more leads. This is accomplished firstly by finding and showcasing top local businesses, events, deals and much more to deliver to your visitors, giving them a reason to reference you again and again.

Real Estate Agent Referral Network

The Real Estate Agent Referral Network is your global hub for networking, mentoring and inspiration — specifically sharing best practices, wins and leads within the real estate industry.

TCN Worldwide

TCN Worldwide Real Estate is an alliance of top independent brokerage firms serving more than 200 markets.

Lee & Associates

Since 1979, Lee & Associates has reimagined the way that commercial real estate companies should be structured. Each Lee & Associates office is owned and operated by its professionals. As shareholders of the company, this separates Lee & Associates from their competition and creates one common goal; to provide seamless, consistent execution and value-driven market-to-market services to our clients.

Extreme Loans

Extremely Honest. Extremely Fast. Extremely Easy! This is who we are and how we will close your loan. If you’re looking for people that are honest, a process that is fast, and to achieve your goals easily, let us refinance your current mortgage or help you purchase a new home! provides access to houses for sale, properties for sale & local real estate agents nearby. Property estimates, home estimates & home values.

Clear Mortgage

Every person has a different story, and there’s not a one size fits all mortgage solution. Clear Mortgage's experienced team of mortgage professionals will help advise you on all your options, based on your situation. Just like it should be.

Jay Kinder & Honey Badger Nation

Jay Kinder has established himself as one of the top real estate agents in the world, selling over 4,000 homes since 1999. In 2005, Jay was recognized as one of the top ten agents in the world for Coldwell Banker, competing with over 120,000 other agents all over the globe. By 2006, his team ranked #3 worldwide for Coldwell Banker with Jay personally ranking #2 in the region and #1 in the state of Oklahoma for 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.


Outside of its main product, the title insurance policy, Fidelity also offers closing and escrow services, as well as other title-related services. Fidelity helps protect the rights of both residential and commercial property owners against unexpected legal and financial claims that may arise after closing. Coverages can vary by state or locality, but Fidelity's nationwide expertise can handle them all. This expertise allows them to help lenders, builders, developers, attorneys, and real estate professionals grow and succeed. Fidelity is also a provider of annuity and life insurance products, providing deferred annuities, including fixed index annuities, fixed rate annuities, and immediate annuities and indexed universal life insurance through its wholly-owned subsidiary, FGL Holdings ("F&G). FNF® is consistently recognized as an industry leader by highly respected organizations.

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